All you need.


Are you feeling stuck at a 9-5 job that uses very little of your creativity? YouTube could be the answer.

VidFire is the definitive course on how to create a successful YouTube channel aimed at kids and families. We’ll walk you through every little step it takes to start making fun videos with your family, building an audience, and bringing in great money. In our course, you’ll learn

  • How making money on YouTube works
  • Who is succeeding in the YouTube kids & family space and why
  • How to come up with a winning channel idea
  • How to win viewers over and keep them watching until the end
  • How to plan, shoot, and edit your videos with the simplest tools out there
  • How to make sure YouTube is putting your video in front of the right eyes
  • How to use YouTube's analytics tools to guide your efforts
  • What to do to score your first hit video
  • How to make sure you're complying to YouTube's rules and guidelines

Whether you’ve never posted a video to YouTube before, or you’ve been at it for some time without getting the results you’d like, VidFire is for you!